When businesses grow and move into office space, whether large or small, they have to start considering access control in Louisville KY, who will have access to the space, how they are going to access it, and when they will be able to access it. Most often, this is done through handing out keys to the people who are allowed to open up the space for themselves and for others. However, this can cause problems as well. It is possible for those people who have keys to hand them to others, either for just a few minutes because it is more convenient, or for a longer time. In any case, either the person who is supposed to have the key or the person who has the key when they are not supposed to can make copies of the key and if that is all the access control the business has, then this might become a serious problem. Say, for instance, one person with a key is a manager who then has to be fired due to breaking the rules of the company. He gets angry, so taking a copy of the key in hand, he breaks into the business one night and vandalizes it. One possible prevention for this is to limit the copies of the keys, but even keys that are stamped “do not copy” can be copied.

Another popular choice for access control in Louisville KY is keys and a code or just a code that has to be entered. This code can easily be changed when someone is let go or if there is some problem that develops, or can just be routinely changed every week or month or even day so that if the code is leaked, next time it is changed and only those allowed access are given the new one, then access control in Louisville KY is regained once again.

Of course, very sophisticated security systems can have much more complicated rules and requirements for access such as voice recognition, hand print analysis, even scanners that read the eye to identify the person as having access into the business or into a vault or into a secure part of the business. That is likely, however, only a small minority of average companies. Generally, simply keeping track of the keys that are handed out, setting up as many preventative measures as possible to keep the keys from being duplicated, and then monitoring who is accessing the space is adequate security. However, if it is not or you are finding that those methods are not working, then contacting a security specialist might help give you more ideas.

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