Are you tired of working in a boring job each day? Maybe you want a profession which takes you away from an office and puts you on the road. Perhaps you do not want a boss looking over your shoulder frequently. A good used box truck for sale in Texas may hold the solution you seek. Here are some ways you can earn a living or generate some extra income with one of these rugged and durable vehicles.

What are Box Trucks?

A box truck is a medium duty truck with an enclosed compartment. They are sometimes called cube vans. These trucks give you the benefit of both tractor and enclosed trailer because they are built in one piece.


When you check out a used box truck for sale in Texas, you can get some of the most affordable prices. A used truck has already been through new vehicle depreciation, so you can save money even on a truck a year or two old. With a lower price, you may have no problems qualifying for a loan.
Extra Income with Moving

Have you ever thought of starting up a local moving company? A used box truck for sale in Texas is one of the best vehicles for the job. You can begin small and eventually increase your staff and fleet.


Not all local businesses have their own delivery trucks. You can offer these companies personalized delivery services for their customers. A box truck is especially useful for hauling large items like refrigerators, furniture, and landscape equipment.


Your truck can be a highly effective rolling or sitting billboard. You can place a wide range of ads on the sides to attract attention. When you park your truck in a high traffic area, you may get some excellent results. This can work for your business or for clients.

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