Interested in learning more about growth hormone injection in Hermosa Beach? We have you covered with all the typical uses associated with human growth hormone (HGH), as well as some of the side effects. This type of treatment is excellent for many people, especially those who are experiencing unwanted symptoms of aging. It’s still important to know the facts before jumping into anything!

HGH Uses

There are many uses for HGH, some of which may be surprising. In 1996, the FDA approved the use of HGH for the following situations:

  • Adult HGH deficiency due to pituitary tumors or treatment

  • Adult short bowel syndrome

  • Long-term treatment of short stature related to Turner syndrome

  • Long-term treatment of growth failure as a result of a lack of exogenous GH secretion

  • Hormonal deficiency causing short stature in children

  • Adults whose GH secretions had fallen under normal levels

Who Should Avoid HGH Therapy

HGH is considering one of the most important and one of the safest hormones when it comes to hormone replacement therapy. However, it isn’t for everyone. If any of the following criteria point to you, it is safest to avoid this sort of hormone treatment and seek other options.

  • Allergy to Norditropin or any of its ingredients

  • Children with closed bone growth plates

  • Individual with eye problems caused by diabetes

  • Presence of tumors or cancer

  • Children with Prader-Willis syndrome who is morbidly obese or has breathing problems

  • Any critical illness caused by heart or stomach surgery, trauma, or breathing issues

HGH Side Effects

The most commonly cited side effects with growth hormone injection in Hermosa Beach include glucosuria (sugar in the urine), hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), stiffness of joints, muscle pain, and headaches.

Side Effects if Unneeded

There are also certain side effects that are common when human growth hormone is taken but is not needed. These may include joint or muscle pain, insulin resistance, carpal tunnel syndrome, swelling of the legs and arms, and gynecomastia among men. It is more likely that these side effects show up for older adults than for younger people.

Hormone Therapy in Hermosa Beach

If you’re perused this article and believe you may be a candidate for growth hormone injections, Advanced Hormone Replacement can help you get there. You can reach us at 833-362-2747 to ask any questions or set up an initial appointment. We’d be happy to be part of your health care team!

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