Container gardening offers a wide range of benefits, including giving you the versatility you need to grow plants in a variety of settings, such as courtyards, patios and gardens. Containers also allow you to grow a large variety of plants, change your color scheme and enjoy the flexibility of moving potted plants according to your needs and to follow the sun. Garden containers from countries such as Italy, Greece, France and the United States are especially highly regarded for both their functional and their aesthetically pleasing characteristics.

U.S. Garden Container Options
United States containers made of concrete are known for having superior quality, strength and durability when compared with many imported planters. Quality companies offer concrete garden containers that will not quickly crumble, decay or crack. You can choose pots whose colors have been applied in the factory or take advantage of custom finishes and colors. A wide variety of container designs are available, including traditional planter boxes or concrete urns.

European Container Options
Containers from Italy, Greece and France can make your garden feel like a European retreat. Italian terracotta pottery is fabricated using high-quality Galestro clay, while the best Greek containers come directly from small manufacturers on the Greek island of Crete. French pottery features a centuries-old look that will make you feel as though you are in the garden of an old-time prominent French royal house. If you are looking for a unique way to showcase your garden plants, you can also choose innovatively made containers such as Mediterranean oil jars and Greek pithari.

Container Features
A leading industry company has a huge inventory of garden containers that are sure to complement your existing garden or bring out the look you’ve been wanting in a completely new garden. For instance, if you are interested in French Anduze vases, you can elect to choose one as short as a foot tall to one that is 32 inches high. You can also opt for a container featuring an antique finish or one with a glossy glazed finish. Through a reputable company, you can find containers with designs that cannot be duplicated, thus helping to make your garden one-of-a-kind.

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