Replacing damaged or worn windows on a home is often the best way for homeowners to help in improving the energy efficiency of the home. Many times, worn windows will allow the transfer of heat around the window to occur. This can impact the temperatures inside the home negatively. By performing new Window Installation in Naperville IL, this problem can often be eliminated.

When selecting new windows, the type of material used for the frames can be important in the windows energy efficiency levels. Some materials offer greater energy efficiency than others. In addition, some materials used for frames are better choices because of other advantages as well. Homeowners will need to evaluate these differences before deciding on a window.

Wood window frames are frequently the first choice many homeowners consider. Wood has been used for window frames for hundreds of years. A strong and durable material, wood can withstand much abuse. Wood is also a good choice because of its look. Many people prefer the look of a natural material on their home. Since wood can be painted or stained, it is easy to match the look of the new window frames with the home.

While wood window frames can help energy efficiency by preventing some flow of heat, it does not have the same capabilities as newer materials. For this reason, many homeowners may be interested in other types of window frames instead.

One material to consider for Window Installation in Naperville IL is fiberglass. Fiberglass is often a good choice because it can be designed to have the same look as wood. This can be a great option for many homeowners. In addition to a wood stain look, fiberglass can also be created in various colors as well. Since the stain or color is done at the creation of the frame, it will not become worn or faded looking and requires little upkeep.

Fiberglass offers a great deal of insulation against the temperatures outside of the home. The fiberglass material blocks the transfer of heat around the windows. Fiberglass frames generally have space behind the frame. This can be filled with foam insulation and increase the frame’s energy efficiency. This can make fiberglass windows a great choice.

Replacing a home’s worn windows with newer options can often help in keeping energy costs lower. For more information, please Visit EDI Exterior Designers Inc.

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