Even if a person is guilty and there is sufficient evidence for a conviction, there is still a lot the criminal defense attorneys in Austin can do. They’ll be able to review the person’s case and see what can be done to help them avoid a conviction. In cases where drugs or alcohol are involved, they might try to get an adjudication withheld. This basically means the person has to follow the judges orders and will not have a conviction on their record.

Some judges do want to see those with drug and alcohol addictions get help. They are often willing to help those who are arrested for the first time try to avoid a conviction as long as the person is willing to seek help. Adjudication withheld means the person will need to complete a rehabilitation program, but as long as they complete it in time, the conviction will be withheld from their record. If they do not complete the program, however, they can face the original charges and likely will be convicted if there is sufficient evidence.

A person’s lawyer will let them know if this is an option in their case and, if so, if it’s the right option for them. If there’s a possibility of the evidence being suppressed and the charges dropped, it’s likely the lawyer will try that instead. However, if the evidence cannot be suppressed and it’s the person’s first arrest, this might be a good option for them. It will give them the chance they need to obtain help for their addiction and to be able to get a job once the rehabilitation is completed without an arrest on their record.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime, criminal defense attorneys in Austin can help. If you’re facing a drug or alcohol-related charge, make sure you talk to you lawyer to see if this is an option in your case. For more information, or to hire a lawyer to represent you, be sure to contact Law Office Of Jesse Hernandez. They’ll be able to look into whether this is going to be a valid option for your situation and, if not, find a better option for you.

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