A kids’ dentist in Lincoln Square is more formally known as a pediatric dentist, and they serve patients ranging from infants to teenagers. As many children are afraid of going to the dentist, pediatric dentists make a point of knowing how to reassure their patients.

What can a child expect during a dental cleaning and exam?

A dental cleaning and exam is what most people envision when they talk about dentist appointments. Most people will need to have a dental cleaning and exam once every six months. The dentist will thoroughly check the patient’s teeth and surrounding area for signs of decay or disease.

During the dental cleaning, the hygienist will use special tools to remove any tartar from the teeth and below the gumline. They will polish the patient’s teeth and coat them with fluoride to make them stronger. Once a year, the dentist will take X-rays of the teeth and jaws to look for problems not visible to the human eye.

When should a child have their first dental appointment?

Many parents don’t start taking their children to the dentist until they are at least two years old. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry states that children should start seeing their dentist much earlier than that. In fact, they recommend taking children to the dentist within six months after their first tooth erupts or by their first birthday.

One advantage of taking a child that age to the dentist is they are too young to have learned to be afraid of the dentist. Taking them early will also enable the dentist to spot any developing problems and better protect the child’s baby teeth. Dentists now believe that it is necessary to protect baby teeth to ensure that the permanent teeth develop and emerge properly.

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