There is a lot of information a doctor can garner from the results of blood testing. Many times, you may have issues show up in a blood test well before you ever experience any symptoms. This is why it is important to undergo routine blood testing as often as recommended by your doctor. This can be a great tool for your doctor to find issues so they can be treated before they cause major problems with your health. Through a Blood Testing Clinic, you can have all types of blood tests carried out, with the convenience you need.

Common Reasons for Blood Testing

*  Blood counts — The blood count is one of the most common blood tests doctors order. This blood test counts the number of different blood cells in your sample of blood. When your blood cell numbers are too high or too low in certain types, this can signal you are suffering with a health issue. Many doctors will use this test as a launch pad to decide on other testing that may be needed. Even if a blood count comes back normal, this does not always indicate good health.

Liver function — The functioning level of your liver is extremely important for your health. If your liver is not producing the amount of enzymes needed, to break down fats and toxins, your health may be at risk.

HIV testing — HIV testing is another popular blood test carried out at the Blood Testing Clinic. Through this test, you can learn if you are carrying the HIV virus, so you can find treatment or peace in knowing you are not suffering with the virus.

*  Blood Glucose — If you are diabetic, it is imperative you have regular blood testing to ensure your blood sugar levels are at a normal and safe level. This can tell the doctor if your diabetes is under control or needs further intervention.




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