A sign can make your storefront stand out among your competitors. That is why you need to survey the designs in these signs carefully. Make sure that the sign reflects what you want to convey and that it is built with the preferred materials.

Fabric Signs Are Versatile

Typically, business signs in Hawaii come in several variations. For example, you can choose from colorful fabric signs that are about 4’ x 6’ in size, which offer a great deal of flexibility. These signs can be used in the form of a banner or can be added into a lightbox for larger retail outlets. The lightbox makes the sign easy to read at night.

Using Your Storefront as a Canvas

Business signs can also be printed on a store’s or restaurant’s glass. The only drawback with using your window’s glass as a canvas is the lack of visibility. When you hang a sign, people can easily see it. Also, the glare of the sun can impact what people see with respect to the lettering.

Laser-cut Signage

One of the innovative creations in business signs today include using laser cutting. Also known as laser cut signs, these weather-resistant signs offer a contemporary and streamlined look. You can also give them a more historic appearance if you want. You can have a two-sided metal sign made that offers good visibility that is sized about 18” x 24” for an affordable price.

The Sky Is the Limit

You can discuss your signage needs when you contact a business, such as Hon Graphics. By speaking to a representative at a full-service sign company, you can review the various configurations used in signs today. The sky is the limit if you are imaginative. Call today, and set up a time for a consultation and a free quote. Once you review the offerings, you can find just the right sign to fit your logo and brand.

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