When a loved one has been arrested, family members who want to help might want to start by looking for Bail Bonds St. Paul MN. When they decide to work with a reputable bondsman, they’ll want to make sure they have everything they need for the bondsman to process the bond. Some of the things they’ll need include the following.

Name of the Arrested Person

The full, legal name of the arrested person is needed to look up information about them and to create the bail bond. Even if the person usually goes by a different name, the name they used when they were arrested is the one that is needed for a bond to be processed. If they have recently gotten married or changed their name for another reason, verify the spelling of their new name before speaking with a bondsman.

Details About the Arrest

The bondsman will need to know what they were arrested for and what jail they’re being held in. The exact charges are needed, so be sure to find out what exactly they’re charged with before speaking with the bondsman. Additionally, the bond needs to be processed and sent directly to the jail to secure the person’s relief, so knowing the jail the arrested person is currently in is crucial.

Details About the Bail Amount

Whoever is obtaining the bond needs to pay a percentage of the bail amount or provide collateral to secure the bond. To know how much the bond needs to be for and how much the family member will need to pay, the bondsman needs to know the exact bail amount. This can often be found by contacting the jail facility or in the court paperwork if the bail amount was decided during the arraignment.

It’s better to have all of this information ready before you speak with a bail bond to ensure you can quickly get a bond to help your loved one. If you do not have all of the information, however, go ahead and speak with a professional about Bail Bonds St. Paul MN as they might still be able to help you. Visit Midwest Bonding now to learn more about bail bonds or to get help right away.

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