After the completion of the wedding service it is normal that a reception for the new couple will be held, the professional who provides the food and the beverages for the reception is the wedding caterers in Fort Wayne, IN. The catering halls specializes in the venue; there are others who specialize in specific cuisines. Some Fort Wayne catering halls can only accommodate a small group of guests where others have virtually no limit on the number of guests they can serve.

A couple of the things that differentiates a wedding caterer from a general caterer are the menu and the additional amenities. A general caterer often relies on the client to dictate the menu and the décor; this caterer may or may not be in a position to provide special themed décor. In the case of a wedding caterer, they work closely with the couple, arranging to provide everything that the couple wishes.

The typical wedding caterer walks a fine line as they must exercise considerable diplomacy while steering the couple in the right direction. If the couple selects food items which in themselves are fine but less than palatable when combined, it is the task of the wedding caterer to gently suggest that alternative items may prove to be a better choice. It may fall upon the Fort Wayne catering halls manager or catering professional to explain that the budget that they have set cannot cover the costs associated with their ideas of a full-blown sit down extravaganza for the number of guests expected.

Once the couple has narrowed their food choices down, the next step is normally to arrange a tasting. The catering manager asks the couple to select their final food choices and at the same time firm up their selection of table centerpieces, table settings and guest mementos.

Unfortunately, many couples return home only to have a change of heart on the food and beverages that they have chosen. This is acceptable to a point but the caterer will have to set a deadline where no further changes can be accommodated, this must be dome with tact but it must be enforced.

When choosing the best catering halls for the reception what is important is the reputation of the venue and the best will be happy to give you the names and contacts of couples who have been completely satisfied with the food and complete service.

For your upcoming wedding reception you are invited to consider the Classic Cafe Inc, a Fort Wayne, IN catering services with a wonderful reputation for fine food and excellent service.

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