When a minor becomes emancipated it means that they are assuming adult responsibilities before they turn 18. Emancipated children are no longer considered to be under the care of their parents and their parents are no longer able to make decisions for them. Instead, the child is responsible for caring for themselves and making their own decision. If your child has openly discussed getting emancipation in Washington, Indiana it would be a good idea to learn more about what it entails before hiring a family lawyer.

The vast majority of the time parents or legal guardians are responsible for the care and well-being of a child who is under the age of maturity. In some states that is 18 years old and in others it is 19. Until the child reaches the age of maturity parents are required to provide them with food, shelter, and clothing. The parents would also be responsible for deciding things such as where the child lives, where they go to school, their religion, and what kind of medical care they receive. If a child under the age of maturity gets Emancipation in Washington, Indiana then the parents would no longer have any say in that child’s life. An emancipated minor would be entitled to keeping the money they earn from their job, deciding where they live, and making their own medical decisions.

Naturally, there are some limitations to what an emancipated minor can do and what they cannot do. It is a good idea to discuss these limitations with your child so they know what getting emancipated means. You might even consider letting your child consult with a lawyer such as one at Feavel Law Office to discuss what getting emancipated means. You can visit their website to learn more about their law firm.

An emancipated child has the right to enter into a lease agreement, the right to enroll in a school of their choice, the right to be sued or sue in court, the right to apply for a work permit, the right to keep all earned income, and the right to make health care decisions on their own. An emancipated minor does not have the right to buy alcohol, get their license before they become of age, get married without the consent of their parent, quit school, or vote before they become of age.

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