Residents in the Decatur GA area can expect a variety of services from tree care professionals. Examples include tree removal and tree trimming or pruning.

What Does Pruning a Tree Involve?

Tree trimming in Decatur, GA, can include a multitude of services. In cleaning, for example, the tree care professional will prune dead or dying branches from the tree. They can improve the tree’s structure and shape by removing branches in a process called thinning. In raising, the tree care professional will remove the bottom branches to provide the desired amount of clearance.

Does the Company Provide Any Other Services?
Yes. The company will send an arborist to inspect the tree and determine what needs to be done. The arborist will also give an estimated price.

While pruning the tree, the arborist may also remove branches and stubs left over from earlier prunings. After the arborist has finished trimming the tree, they will clean up the area and remove all of the branches.

What Does ISA Stand For?
ISA stands for “International Society of Arboriculture,” an organization in the tree care industry that provides education and certification for arborists. It was established in 1924 and requires its members to follow a code of ethics as well as stay abreast of the latest technologies and techniques. Arborists who have earned certification from the ISA have thus demonstrated their knowledge and experience.

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