There are a number of ways to deal with a clogged drain, many of which can be done by the homeowner. A clogged toilet can usually be cleared with a plunger, clogged drains in the kitchen or bathroom can be cleared with any one of a great variety of commercial drain cleaners. It is not until you have serious clog that you need to bring in companies with special equipment to undertake drain cleaning in Suffolk County.

Although professional drain cleaners also use various chemicals, when the going gets tough they resort to such devices as hydro-cleaners and drain snakes. A hydro-cleaner is a device that uses high pressure water to dislodge the clog but if the drain is clogged with tree roots for example, drain cleaning in Suffolk County is often done with a snake.

A drain snake, sometimes called an auger is a long, flexible piece of cable with a corkscrew shaped auger on the business end. The snake can be powered by hand or electrically, professional machines are almost always run on electricity as they develop significantly more power than hand operated devices. The cable is fed into the clogged drain and as it turns it slowly works its way into the drain until it reaches the clog. As the snake rotation continues, it claws away at the cause of the clog and eventually dislodges it completely. The professional snakes use a large diameter cable that can be as much as 100 feet long and is very powerful.

Smaller versions of these powered snakes are available for home use, they are invariably hand turned. At the operator end there is a hollow tube bent in the shape of a crank, this tube fits over the cable and fastened with a thumb screw. As the crank is turned, the snake goes into the drain until it hits the clog and cleans it. These home size devices are normally only supplied with 25 feet of cable so they are limited to working in the drain systems in the home; they are not long enough or powerful enough to attack the main drain heading to the sanitary sewer.

Most homeowners much prefer drain cleaning in Suffolk County which is chemical free, hence the choice of a plunger or snake.

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