A medical malpractice attorney in Rockford, IL, often referred to as a medical negligence attorney is an attorney that represents clients who have suffered injuries which were caused by and were the direct result of acts of omission by a medical professional or a medical facility. In cases of medical malpractice, the injured party which is known as the plaintiff often is called upon to prove the negligence of the defendant and that the injury was caused as a result of this negligent act. In many cases the complexity of these cases will require that expert witnesses be called to testify to help prove one way or the other that an expected standard of care was not given. Upon completion of the testimony offered by both parties, a jury is called upon to determine if the defendant failed in his or her responsibilities to provide an acceptable standard of care and attention.

A medical malpractice attorney in Rockford, IL is called upon to offer proof that there was indeed negligence that resulted in injury. The first thing that must be proven is that there was an implicit relationship that indicated a duty of care was called for. This is implied when there is a doctor/patient relationship that can be substantiated. The attorney must offer proof that the defendant failed to act in conformance with accepted medical practice standards, then the attorney must prove that the harm to his client was a direct result of this lack of conformity to standards and lastly, the attorney must prove that there were damages such as loss of income or even wrongful death.

Medical malpractice is a very complex and highly technical branch of legal practice. Due to these complexities it is normal for a medical malpractice attorney to focus his skills on supporting either the defendant or the plaintiff in these types of cases. It can be so complex that the attorney may even narrow his scope of support to a certain series of events such as cases of negligence in the prescribing of medicines; other attorneys may focus of defending a medical care facility rather than an individual.

The medical malpractice attorney works very closely with experts in the field and once the attorney files for a certificate of merit it allows an expert witness to review all the documentation to confirm that the medical professional did indeed act in a manner which can be considered as negligence.

If you have suffered injury as a result of negligence on the part of a medical professional you will need to engage the services of Clark, Justen, Zucchi & Frost, Ltd.

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