Crowdfunding has been used to launch a range of products and services, including movies and planned spacecraft from celebrities and entrepreneurs around the world. There are many ways the world’s most important crowdfunding platforms are working towards bringing more options than ever before to the people of the world and give them the chance to share in the expected profits. The decision to work with a registered Reg D crowdfunding portal intermediary is the first step to making sure the funds provided are secure for the future.

Get the most from Reg D crowdfunding portal opportunities

Starting at the beginning, all those who act as a portal under the Reg D rules and regulations from the SEC are required to play their role under the guidance of a registered intermediary. The SEC is strict about which companies can look to raise funds online for the trading of securities and make sure only those who have the highest level of training are given these opportunities. The latest offerings using crowdfunding sources do not limit the amount of funding that can be raised in comparison to earlier regulations that limited offerings to just over $1 million.

Restrictions may be in place

Working with a dedicated Reg D crowdfunding portal intermediary is seen as a more long-term option than looking to work with a traditional broker because of the chance to share in the purchase of restricted stocks. This form of securities can often be limited in its resale opportunities with the crowdfunding portal usually restricted to no resale for the first year of its life. To get daily updates follow our Facebook page.

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