Chiropractic clinics are becoming more and more numerous, and an increasing number of people are turning to chiropractors for physical therapy, chronic pain issues and even general health complaints, such as fatigue, chronic non-pain related symptoms and difficulty sleeping. It is important to understand, prior to a first visit to a chiropractic clinic, what chiropractic therapy actually is and how it helps patients.

Chiropractors diagnose and treat health issues without using medications or surgery. Their belief centres around the human body’s natural ability to heal itself. In many cases, significant improvement can be made with minimal adjustments or manipulations, allowing the body to respond and heal itself without resorting to medications or surgery. Since many people dislike taking drugs, and others fear surgery or don’t wish to undergo such a radical procedure, the popularity of chiropractic clinics is understandable.

The chiropractor focuses on the relationship of the health of the spine and its relation to the central nervous system, which can affect many areas of the body and one’s general overall health and vitality. Back pain, headaches, sinus problems, carpal tunnel syndrome. pinched nerves and sciatica are examples of pain related problems that can benefit from chiropractic therapy.

In addition, a patient often finds, in the course of chiropractic physical therapy, that there are unexpected improvements and benefits in other areas of the patient’s health. Even when the issue that was the original reason for seeking chiropractic treatment is resolved, many patients continue to visit the chiropractor periodically to maintain optimum alignment which in turn promotes health in many spheres.

At a first visit to a chiropractic clinic, one can expect to have a health history taken. The chiropractor will examine the patient and often order x rays, since most patients are there with a complaint of pain. Sometimes the treatments can begin right at the first visit. Other times, it is the second visit, after a preliminary diagnosis is made, that the chiropractor will begin treating the patient, using only his/her hands. Often times, massage is recommended as part of the local physical therapy in Asheville NC.

Once a prospective patient understands what chiropractic treatments are all about and knows what to expect on the first visit and for the long term, it is time to make an appointment and look forward to relief from pain and many other health complaints.

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