Civil engineering is the branch of engineering that designs civil infrastructure. This includes the roads, bridges, water entrapment, treatment, and distribution as well as public projects such as airports, railroads, and seaports.

Civil engineers in Allentown, PA. touch the lives of countless people every day. The water that is used to make your morning coffee is brought to you through the efforts of civil engineers as are the roads you use to get to work and the electricity that lights your home at night.

What do Civil Engineers in Allentown, PA. do?

Civil engineers are either employed by municipalities, regional, or state governments or they are in private practice. Often the civil engineers who are in private practice work on public works projects, such as sewage treatment plants and sewage systems where there is an interface between a private developer and the public sewer system.

To become a civil year generally requires a four-year degree and in most areas, a further test must be passed prior to a license to practice being granted. Once licensed, the engineer is ready to accept engineering tasks.

Civil engineering is the oldest branch of engineering, it goes back beyond the days of the pyramids, and it is as old as time itself. The civil engineering discipline focuses on things of public benefit, such as roads, public buildings, dams, water treatment, and any other large project. The civil engineers in Allentown, PA. must be capable of designing safe structures that will meet all the codes where they are built. The building codes in an earthquake prone area will be different than around the Great Lakes, which do not suffer from them. The design must consider the maintenance that will be necessary as years go by.

Transportation infrastructure is one of the main areas where civil engineers are employed. The design of roads, bridges, tunnels, and the interchanges on the freeways are but some of the things that are required to keep traffic flowing safely and steadily. The designs that are implemented today are often designs that were done years ago. This is also true for today; designs that are made often take future demand into account.

Water treatment is another area where civil engineers in Allentown, PA. are involved. Water treatment includes sewers and sewage treatment. Dams for collecting fresh water and freshwater delivery to treatment plants and on to consumers are also part of the mandate.

Civil engineers are involved in the design of power stations, government buildings, and even prisons. Civil engineers are highly trained and highly compensated for their skills. They accept tremendous responsibility for the lives of thousands and the cost of millions.

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