Having a corporate video made can be a great way to pursue any number of important goals. From worker training to client education, well-made videos have a way of making a memorable point.

Finding and working with a Corporate Video Company in Lexington KY also frequently turns out to be a lot easier than many suppose. Companies like First String Media Productions have well-developed processes that can make any project a breeze.

Five Stages Cover Everything Needed

Although the particulars will vary a bit from one company to another, the video production process can generally be broken down into five distinct phases.

  *     During the discovery phase, production specialists will seek to learn everything possible about particular clients and their goals. From the motivation that led to a meeting in the first place to the background of the company in question, the information gleaned here will be used throughout every stage that follows.

  *     Concept development consists of work designed to turn goals and details into more specific ideas that can be assessed, weighed, and accepted, or dismissed. The video production company will normally make at least a few different proposals at this stage, not fleshing any of them out excessively so as to avoid wasting too much work.

  *     The pre-production stage involves preparing the ground so that the concept that was selected can be turned into an actual video. A crew will normally be selected at this point in the process, as will a location for the shoot and any on-screen talent that might be needed. With specific plans now being made in abundance, plenty of work will be getting done.

  *     The production itself consists of the filming, directing, and recording that produces the raw materials that will later be turned into a polished video. This could take a day or less, in some cases, or it might stretch on for weeks, depending on the scale and nature of the project.

  *     Finally, the post production phase involves selecting and arranging the best footage that was captured and assembling it into a finished work.

While every Corporate Video Company in Lexington KY will have its own take on this basic process, most will resemble this in at least their broad outlines. What matters the most is that this simple, repeatable process consistently produces results.

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