If you or a loved one has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, you are probably considering a long-term care plan that minimizes burdens to loved ones and maximizes quality of life. You also want to slow down the symptoms through innovative healthcare. A variety of Alzheimer’s disease care facilities in Monmouth County, New Jersey offer services that are specifically designed for people at different stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Not all services are equal, but here are a few things that you should expect from a facility specializing in senior care.

  1. Medical attention. Alzheimer’s care in Monmouth County needs to include medical care and nursing at the very least. Access to nurses and doctors at all time means that the individual is never far from receiving care for acute and chronic conditions, whether they are related to Alzheimer’s disease or not.
  2. Recreational activities. For Alzheimer’s care to be meaningful and promote well-being, the service must include recreational activities. The activities can include playing games that stimulate the mind, combining therapeutic interventions with fun and relaxation. Some activities on offer even include outings for shopping or movies. Recreational activities also help seniors with Alzheimer’s exercise their minds regularly through interactions with other people.
  3. Personal care. Alzheimer’s patients sometimes find it difficult to maintain regular daily routines and to take care of their personal needs, including personal hygiene or eating properly. Alzheimer’s care consists of offering seniors safe and relaxing personal care services including grooming, eating nutritional food, and changing clothes.
  4. Therapies. Depending on the individual, Alzheimer’s care may also include therapies like occupational, speech, and physical therapy to improve quality of life, and mobility, and reduce pain.
  5. Transportation. An Alzheimer’s care service in New Jersey should provide transportation services to alleviate caregiver burden.
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