The rules are the same when looking for old and used equipment. Despite their advantages, not every used Amada press brakes or used notchers for sale will always yield useful quality equipment. In order to make sure you reap the benefits, here are some things one must always check;

Operating Hours

This should be the first, or one of the first questions you ask about the equipment. Understanding just how many hours the equipment has been used means understanding just how much you can get out of it. If the machine seems to be pushing the limits in terms of hours, then a cost benefit analysis is in order. Are the savings worth it considering the amount of service it will provide?

Signs of Wear

You will have to check the used equipment manually for signs of wear and tear before buying it. Remember, every used machine is going to have some element of wear and tear, so there is no use getting alarmed when you see a few bruises and scratches. Look out for hairline scratches and rust, or problems that might grow bigger in the future. Any repairs done later on add to the costs and lost returns from the down time when the machine cannot be used. Look out for the damage to tires or machine undercarriages. These are some of the most expensive areas to replace.

Engine Exhaust

When evaluating an engine, there is no better way of determining its health by letting it run. The running of the machine when the engine is cold tells a lot about its maintenance. One of the biggest tell-tale cues is the color of the exhaust fumes; they can reveal issues nobody even knew existed. Faulty injectors or something as simple as a dirty air filter could cause black smoke, which normally means the air/fuel mixture is uneven. White smoke, on the other hand, means the smoke is not burning correctly.

The Store

This is something many people take for granted, but the store from which you get your used equipment might play a huge role in how many more years of service you can get from it down the line. Go for a store with a strong reputation of quality and equipment longevity.

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