Heating in the home or commercial building is one of those things that everyone takes for granted until there is a problem. Sometimes when you need emergency heat repair in Bloomington there are quick checks that you can make to see if you can get your furnace back up and running and some heat to the house before the repair professional gets there to complete a full repair.

Of course the type of emergency heat repair in Bloomington you need will depend on the type of furnace that you have. If you have a gas furnace if you smell the odor of gas immediately get out of the house and call the gas company. Do not return to the home and do not use any electrical appliances or turn on any lights.

Check Your Breakers

If the breaker for your furnace has tripped, all you may need to do is reset it. Check the electrical panel and look for any breakers that have switched over to the “off” position. If the breaker immediately trips again call a repair professional for emergency heat repair in Bloomington and do not continue to turn the breaker on.

Check the Thermostat

If you have one of the newer styles of digital thermostats you may simply have a battery problem that is not signaling the furnace to come on. Check the display on the front of the thermostat and notice if there are any indicator lights signally a low battery.

You can easily remove the cover and replace the battery to check. If this is the only issue you may not need emergency heat repair in Bloomington, at least not immediately.

Furnace on But Limited Air from Vents

If you can hear and see the furnace coming on and cycling off but there seems be no air at the vents into the room, check to make sure the filters in the furnace are not completely packed with dirt and dust. If your furnace has been operating with those clogged filters call in emergency heat repair in Bloomington as you may have additional issues that should be addressed to prevent further costly repairs.

Always keep the number for emergency heat repair in Bloomington in your phone. This allows you to get help quickly without having to try to deal with determining a company in the middle of the issue.

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