Any time you are in a position where you need a medical procedure, it can be unnerving. It is important that you arm yourself with the knowledge to ensure that you have peace of mind before you have your treatment done. One of the most common procedures that are done, especially when you are pregnant, is an ultrasound. While it can be unnerving, this procedure is extremely simple and does not require any invasive actions. Make sure you go into your Ultrasounds In Cook County knowing what to expect so you can relieve any of your fears. Here are the most common things you can expect during yours.

Initial Consultation

The doctor will meet with you in the beginning to talk about the procedure. They will also conduct a quick physical exam to ensure that there are no underlying health problems that can cause you worry. Expect for them to check your pulse rate, breathing and do an inspection of your lymph nodes and the other physical components. This will ensure you are healthy before they proceed with the procedure.

The Ultrasound

The ultrasound itself is quick and painless. The technician performing it will apply a small amount of lubricant over your stomach to aid in the process. They will then move the ultrasound camera over your stomach to capture pictures of the fetus. You can also have the option of hearing the heart beat if you wish. This will provide one of the only times you will see the baby before birth.

Ultrasound Results

Once the test is complete, you can expect to receive a brief overview of the results immediately. A more compiled listing of findings will be released at a later time. If there are any major complications they will alert you to these at the time of completion and help determine the best steps to remedy it. If the technician finds nothing, they will let you know that there are no major complications pending. Don’t make getting Ultrasounds In Cook County a stressful process. Make sure you find a doctor you can trust to provide quality care and quick results. In the Cook County area, make sure you contact The Woman’s Center. They will provide a professional environment and compassionate staff to help you make it through your appointment. Call them today to schedule your appointment so you can get the peace of mind you deserve.


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