There is a good deal of misinformation circulating the internet about substance abuse disorders. For instance, many readers have likely always assumed that true “addicts” are homeless and do nothing other than look for drugs or alcohol. In reality, the majority of those who struggle with substance abuse disorders are hard-working Americans who just need a little bit of help overcoming their dependencies on alcohol or drugs.

Many readers also likely assume that the only way they or their loved ones can get that help is to drop everything they’re doing and spend a small fortune to go to a private rehab facility. This is also false. In reality, outpatient chemical dependency counseling in Jefferson County AL can be very effective for many people. Read on to find out what outpatient treatment entails.

Initial Evaluation

Readers who are planning to seek help from chemical dependency counselors for the first time should expect to undergo an initial evaluation. The evaluation will include many questions designed to elicit information about the severity of the client’s problem, which may be uncomfortable for some readers. It’s very important that new clients be honest with their counselors, as the information they provide will be used in determining the right treatment plan.

Personalized Treatment

A good chemical dependency counselor will realize that each of his or her clients is different, and thus every treatment plan will also have to be a little bit different. Counseling often involves substance abuse education, cognitive behavioral therapy, and discussions of different coping strategies for dealing with cravings and stress.

On-Going Support

It is not at all uncommon for people battling an addiction to continue chemical dependency counseling in Jefferson County AL well after they have successfully become clean and sober. This on-going support often proves to be essential for many recovering addicts. They find that on-going counseling helps them remain accountable, making it easier for them to stick to their original plans even under stress.

Get Started Today

The first step toward ongoing recovery using chemical dependency counseling is to find a facility that offers this service. Click here to learn about one addiction recovery center in the area that can help to get started today.

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