Technology has advanced very quickly over the past couple of decades. The level of technology at the moment was almost inconceivable even twenty years ago. Many people a decade ago did not anticipate the current explosion of interconnectedness among people. The Internet allows you to stay connected with people from around the world at pretty much all times. Even in the middle of the night, you can talk with someone around the world. That level of interconnectedness has made the world a much smaller place. Because of the smaller world, militaries, police units, and other sorts of first responders have begun to integrate computer and Internet capabilities into their mobile force.

KVM stands for keyboard, video, and mouse. These are the systems that are often mounted in first responder vehicles that allow these professionals to respond to situations quickly and efficiently. Police officers use their rack mounted KVM systems to run license plates and respond to changing conditions. Militaries use them for similar reasons. However, not all KVM systems are created equal. There are a few things you should look for.

Hot Pluggable Setup

A hot pluggable system is one that can be attached to your server or computer tower without having to worry about any sort of installation. Certain systems require you to add software or hardware upgrades. A hot pluggable system can be plugged in and ready to go in a matter of minutes. When you have to install hundreds of them into different vehicles, this quick installation is absolutely essential to maintaining a flexible, fast response team.

In fact, the very best KVM setups can actually be installed without even turning off the device. You can simply unplug the old accessories and plug in your upgrades.


Because of many different factors, not every computer in your system is going to be the same. For some organizations, you might have Macs and PCs on the same network. Some computers might be running MAC OS while others are running Windows and still others running Linux. When you’re dealing with a bunch of different hardware and software configurations, you need a rack mounted KVM that adapts to many different setups. There’s no reason why your keyboard, video, and mouse shouldn’t be useful for different kinds of computers. You just have to make sure you’re buying the right one.

Advantages of a Rack

Using a rack offers a few advantages over your standard computer and keyboard setup. When you’re dealing with a server room, you might be running out of space. To save space, you can mount your keyboards on a rack so that they can be slid away when they’re not in use, saving a decent amount of space. This is also true if you have a crowded office or if you want to install it in a vehicle. You’d be surprised at how much space you can save just by stowing your keyboard.

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