Bed bugs are tiny parasites commonly found in your bed and in other areas of your home, if you have an infestation. Once they invade your home, they’re difficult to get rid of, but it’s possible with Bed Bug Removal Ellicott City Maryland area pest control professionals. Below you’ll read some information about bed bugs and how they’re eradicated by a pest control service.

*     Bed bugs depend on human blood for their food source and if they’re in your bed, you’re their lunch. They can also be hiding in other places around your home such as in your carpets, in your sofa cushions and even on your clothing. These tiny brown insects are only about 1/4″ long and they don’t have wings, so they can’t fly. They’re active at night while you’re sleeping and if you wake up with red, itchy swollen spots on your skin, most likely you’ve been bitten by bed bugs.

*    Even if you pride yourself on having the cleanest house in town, bed bugs don’t care, they’ll still infest your home. Many times these parasites enter your home by hitching a ride in your luggage if you’ve stayed in a bed bug infested motel.

*    Another sign of an infestation, besides the itchy bites on your skin, is little black flecks on your bedding, which is bed bug waste.

*    At the first sign of an infestation, wash all your bedding in hot water and do not place it back on your bed until you have thoroughly cleaned your bedroom. Place the clean bedding a clean trash bag and seal it until you are ready to put the bedding back on your bed. Thoroughly vacuum your mattress, box springs and bed frame to get rid of as many bed bugs as you can. Vacuum or clean your floors, your bedroom furniture and your curtains.

*    For the best defense against bed bugs, you need to call a Bed Bug Removal in Ellicott City Maryland area exterminator. These experts have the knowledge and the right products to eliminate these parasites from your home. Today, many pest control services use EPA registered products to eradicate these pests, so there are no chemicals used that will harm your children or pets.




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