In Georgia, defendants have a choice between a cash or surety bond. These bonds have different requirements and restrictions. A cash bond requires the defendant or their representative to pay the full cost of the bond. They won’t receive any refund until the defendant’s case concludes. Additionally, the court may hold the bond to take care of certain expenses. However, a surety bond may provide a better alternative. The following are details about a Bail Bond in Atlanta.

What is Involved in a Surety Bond?

The defendant or their representative must sign the bond to provide additional security for the bail value. This provides insurance for the bail bondsman’s investment. The representative or the defendant are advised of what will happen if the defendant doesn’t appear at the scheduled court appearance. Essentially, they could lose the property or asset used to secure the bond.

How Much Money is Required for a Surety Bond?

The defendant or representative must provide at least 10% of the total bail value. They must also pay any sheriff’s fees that are required. The bail bondsman provides them with details information about the exact value required.

What is a Consignor?

A consignor is assigned to ensure the defendant will arrive at their scheduled court date. If the defendant fails to arrive, the consignor is also accountable for any additional costs associated with this failure. If the bondsman must search for the defendant, the consignor must provide the bondsman with a reimbursement for their full expenses.

How is the Money for the Surety Bond Returned?

The money is refunded to the defendant or their representative after the case is over. The court will take any sheriff’s fees. They won’t acquire any additional fees such as legal charges. The defendant and representative will receive the remaining balance from the bondsman.

In Georgia, defendants can choose between a cash or surety bond. These bonds help them acquire a release from county lockup. The bondsman will manage the paperwork and communicate with the jail and the court to make these arrangements. Defendants who need a Bail Bond in Atlanta can visit for more info now.

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