Did you know in Massachusetts, you are required to have four types of insurance coverage on your vehicle? Did you realize that Massachusetts has auto insurance mandates that must be specifically met? Did you know you are not required to show proof of insurance in Massachusetts because the information is attached to your registration? These things and much more you should know if you are planning to drive in Massachusetts for any length of time. Sawyer Insurance Agency Inc. will link you with the most suitable auto insurance Boston, MA can offer you. They want to tell you more about auto insurance in Massachusetts.

The insurance mandates in place in Massachusetts are designed to protect you, but they also can take a large chunk out of your wallet depending on the coverage you actually get. As stated before, you must have four types of insurance coverage to legally operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts: bodily injury, which is $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident; personal injury protection (PIP), which is $8,000 per person; bodily injury as a result of an uninsured auto, which is $20,000 per individual and $40,000 per accident; and damage to another’s property, which is $5,000 per accident. As you can see, the minimum coverage is quite thorough and can be weighty on the pocketbook. You also may want to know that Massachusetts has implemented a plan to reduce accidents caused by unsafe driving by requiring unsafe drivers to pay a higher premium. Simultaneously, the plan offers discounts to safe drivers and is known as the Massachusetts Safe Driver Insurance Plan.

Sawyer Insurance Agency, Inc. will ensure you get the best rate and coverage that will not only satisfy the minimum requirements but meet your individual needs as well. They have comprehensive insurance products, which are home insurance, renters’ insurance, and business insurance, as well as auto insurance. They serve customers in Boston, MA, Brighton, MA, Jamaica Plain, MA and the other surrounding areas. Don’t play around with the insurance coverage on your auto. If you need Auto Insurance in Boston, Massachusetts, call upon Sawyer Insurance Agency or get more information by visiting their website.

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