Are you in charge of the health and well-being of a parent, grandparent or other loved one? If so, you are probably quite confused by the different array of services available to them, and wish for some sort of simple clarification. After all, you may not know the differences between caregivers and home health care services in Easton, MD, and yet you know they’re not the same kind of service.

The Basics

First and foremost, you should know that home health care services in Easton, MD are focused entirely on medical issues. They can include such services as injections, wound care, skilled nursing exams, and more. These are essential services if a loved one has been hospitalized and then returns home after an injury or illness. You need to know that they can continue to get better or, at the very least, that their health will not decline or their level of function diminish.

Skilled nursing services in their home can play a key part in ensuring such outcomes, but you also know that these home health care services in Easton, MD cannot meet every single need. That is why you should also explore your options in homecare or caregivers. This is the rest of the solution, and features well-trained providers of many essential, day-to-day needs. A simple list would include:

  • Help with cooking and eating
  • Support with hygiene, bathing, grooming and dressing each day or night
  • Help with errands and any other activities outside the house
  • Light housekeeping, including laundry
  • Help to move safely around their home without risks of falling
  • Help remembering to take medications
  • And more

What this shows is that you can combine skilled home health care services in Easton, MD with quality caregiver services to offer your parent, grandparent or other loved one the means to well-being and independence. Perfectly complementing one another, this sort of care helps with recovery and keeps your loved one on their feet and healthy.

At Capital City Nurses you can find a team of dedicated caregivers ready to help your family find the perfect solution. Whether it is short-term or intermittent care or part of an ongoing and long-term method for offering independence to a loved one, there are many customizable options and answers available with their help.

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