If you have never heard of property and casualty insurance in Peoria, AZ, that may be because it is an umbrella term. Property and casualty insurance covers many different types of insurance, and many of these types of insurance can be bundled together. This guide offers three tips to help you understand the most essential facts about property and casualty insurance.

What Is Property and Casualty Insurance?

The goal of Property insurance is to protect all of the property that you own. This can include your home, business and car. Casualty insurance differs from property insurance because it covers you only when you are legally responsible for an accident that caused damage to someone else’s property.

Types of Property and Casualty Insurance

Property and casualty insurance may be bundled together, and include the following types of insurance:

  • Renters
  • Condo
  • Landlord
  • Homeowners
  • Vehicle

Protection Against Lawsuits

Property and casualty insurance in Peoria, AZ, can help protect you against being sued by another party. If someone comes to visit you on your property and they fall, they could potentially sue you for the cost of their medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. If you have property and casualty insurance, the costs may be taken care of by your insurance company. This can prevent you from having to pay a large out-of-pocket expense.

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