Wondering how to really understand all the reverse mortgage in Virginia Beach info on the Web, but getting stuck in all those words? This article was written for the benefit of anyone who has struggled with the often complicated reverse mortgage process. Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding reverse mortgages in the Virginia Beach area today!

What Does Reverse Mortgage Actually Mean?

A reverse mortgage in Virginia Beach is a way for seniors to use the equity that they have built up in their home. If you need money but you don’t want to have to leave your home, a reverse mortgage is a way to do that. You can borrow money against your equity and keep staying in your house.

Who Are The Most Experienced Reverse Mortgage Lenders?

It is very important to choose reverse mortgage lenders that have a lot of experience with this particular type of loan since it is so unique. Companies such as Reverse Mortgage Pro have been providing reverse mortgages to seniors for years and this gives them the experience and knowledge that they need to give you the best reverse mortgage for your situation. This company is highly regarded all over the state of Virginia, and they currently serve the Virginia Beach and Chesapeake areas as well as all the surrounding areas.

What Will The Interest Rates for My Reverse Mortgage Be Like?

Your interest rate will be variable depending upon a number of factors, but reverse mortgages typically have very competitive rates today. You will only have to pay interest on the money that you actually take as a cash loan, rather than having to pay interest on the total value of your equity (unless, of course, you borrow the entire equity in the house.) You will not lose money from the loan to pay for the interest. Instead, the interest will work much the way that it does on a bank loan. You will be paying interest along with loan principal in each payment that you make. Eventually, the interest will be paid and you’ll be paying only the remainder of the principal you borrowed. The time frame for repayment varies, but your lender can help make sure you get a repayment plan you are absolutely comfortable with.

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