Having stained, or discolored teeth can really make talking and laughing in public very difficult. Tooth discoloration can be a result of genetic factors that are out of a person’s control. However, most of the times, it is the result of poor dental hygiene and bad eating habits. If you are tired of the private shame of having to smile while hiding your teeth, maybe it is time you considered Teeth Whitening in Springfield. Here are a few important things that you should know about the procedure.

The causes of tooth discoloration

If you want to whiten your teeth and keep them sparkling for a long time, you need to learn about the main causes of tooth discoloration and avoid them. Here are the commonest causes of the defect:

* Taking foods or drinks that have a dark pigment in them like coffee and coke.

* Smoking

* Using tooth care products that have high fluoride content.

* Poor dental health-care practices, such as failing to brush teeth when need be.

The whitening procedure

The procedure used by the dentist will depend on how deep the discoloration runs. For instance, if it is only affecting the enamel, they may simply make use of peroxide based whitening agents. On the other hand, if the discoloration affects the dentin, they may have to use the bleach together with white light. At times, the micro-abrasions could be performed to clean out the teeth. Visit Aldan Family Dental for more information.

The reasons you should do it at the dentist’s

Many people believe that Teeth Whitening in Springfield is an easy do-it-yourself procedure. However, there are many reasons it is wiser and safer to use a cosmetic dentist:

* You will notice a visible difference in the teeth with as little as one visit, unlike the bleach at home methods that show the effect after a few weeks.

* The dentist will use bleaching products that are very safe and secure. This will minimize the possibility of getting complications such as teeth sensitivity or formation of a permanent bluish tooth discoloration.

These are the reasons Teeth Whitening in Springfield should be carried out by a competent Cosmetic Dentist. For more information on the services offered by these dentists, go to Aldanfamilydental.com.

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