Moving into a place such as Inglemoor Rehabilitation & Care Center is often overwhelming for seniors. Moving into senior living in Millburn, NJ, means giving up independence and closing an essential chapter of a person’s life. Nobody wants to give up their home or their independence, but there does come a time when it’s time to consider senior living.

Feelings of Isolation

The constant isolated, lonely feelings lead to severe mental and physical health problems in senior citizens. These types of feelings can lead to depression, which has been linked to heart disease and dementia. Constant feelings of loneliness or isolation may increase the morbidity rate of senior citizens and can lead to substance abuse problems.

Something else to think about is that most seniors have at least one chronic health condition. The older people get, the more medical care these conditions require. Centers for senior living in Millburn, NJ are equipped to handle any problems that come up.

Financial Mistakes

As people grow older, they often have a more challenging time keeping up with routine financial tasks, such as paying bills on time. Suppose bills start piling up or ending up in collections? That is a good sign that senior living might be necessary. An increasing amount of debt due to impulse buys is another sign to watch out for.

Lack of Proper Hygiene

As a person ages, taking a bath or shower can be a scary experience. Most falls in senior citizens occur in the bathroom. The lack of proper hygiene, including bad body odor, dirty laundry, not bathing, and more, increases the risk of health problems. Visit Inglemoor Rehabilitation & Care Center to know more.

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