There is always an issue with space on the workroom floor, and this can become more complicated if there are multiple lines and machines in use in a given area. Having the ability to keep parts, tools and accessories in a secured, logically designed storage cabinet or tool box is always important.

While there are the general mechanic style tool boxes and cabinets that are acceptable for large items or for general tools and equipment, keeping cutting tools and specialized equipment safely in place is a different matter. Lista cabinets offer a durable, customized option in storage that is going to help tools and equipment to last longer, decrease time spent in searching for tools and also boost the life of the tool due to reduced damage in storage.

Multiple Configurations

One of the first things anyone will notice about Lista cabinets is the range of different configurations and cabinet styles. There are the true cabinets which can include multiple sized drawers, all with various heights for storing different types of parts and tools.

The drawers come with internal customization as well. These cabinets can be counter height or taller, and they can be combined with each other for multiple storage opportunities. All are designed to be modular, which means that they can be selected based on the exact working space in the shop.

Mobile cabinets are ideal for large shops where tools and components may be required on multiple machines around the facility. Easy to move and with the option to lock the wheels for a stable work surface, these are the ideal option for any job.

The mobile cabinets, as well as the stationary models, are all designed to prevent tipping even when loaded drawers are fully extended. This is not only a safety feature but also helps to ensure there are no concerns with pulling drawers all the way out of the cabinet to reach items in the back compartments.

Unique Storage

Within stationary and mobile Lista cabinets are the specialized Lista drawers. These are divisions within the drawers that allow each space to be uniquely configured. For machine shops and metal working industrial applications, this allows for storage of different types of cutting tools and equipment that can be changed as needed.

This not only protects the equipment, but it ensures that storage in each cabinet is maximized. There is literally no wasted space. With labeling options on the exterior of each drawer, finding items has never been easier, helping to increase productivity and save time in hunting for tools.

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