Water is necessary to many aspects of our lives and having a reliable source of clean water is crucial to survival. Most of the time we take for granted that when we turn on the tap, we will get fresh, clean water. If your source of water is a well, however, that water doesn’t just happen. Properly constructing a well, keeping it maintained, and repairing it correctly are very serious responsibilities and ones best left to Madison Well Service professionals.

Even a properly-constructed well requires regular attention in order to keep doing its job as it should. There are a number of circumstances that can prevent a well from providing peak performance. Sediment can restrict the water flow through a well casing, and may eventually begin to affect the quality of the water, too. This is the time to call in highly-trained Madison Well Service professionals to assess your situation. Most often, the fix is to perform an air lift and this is a procedure that you will not want to attempt yourself.

During an air lift, a large air compressor is brought in to pressurize the well. This should blow the sediment and any other blockage out over the top of the well head, allowing the free flow of water to resume. Although the process may take some time, it is the best assurance of completely clearing the well column and returning quality water and pressure.

No pumping system lasts forever, and if it should need replacement, the time to do it is during an air lift. It will keep the well’s down time to a minimum, save money, and will start the new pumping system off with the best quality of water.

All wells should be checked regularly to make certain that water quality is being maintained. If a bad sample is drawn, corrective steps will need to be taken immediately, usually beginning with chlorination. This is another procedure that should be handled by a Madison Well Service expert. Because of the corrosive nature of chlorine, it is dangerous, but still a necessary part of well maintenance.

A reliable source of good, clean water is critical and should never be taken for granted. A well can be a great asset, but it does need regular monitoring and Madison Well Service professionals are ready to share their knowledge and expertise to make sure your family can continue to enjoy this valuable resource.


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