If you suspect that your home contains Chinese drywall, you need to have it replaced, because it poses a serious hazard to your health and safety. The wall needs to be removed so that your home can be safe again. A Chinese drywall inspection will help you to find out if your home is at risk.  You can hire someone to inspect your existing drywall and tell you whether you need to replace it. But first, you need to look for the symptoms

The Chinese drywall was imported between 2001 and 2008. Most homes that were built during this time had this drywall installed. It took a while before the problems were discovered with this defective drywall. Most homeowners were advised to consider Chinese drywall inspection Florida in order to find out if they were at risk.

According to some studies which were conducted in 2009, the defective drywall was found to emit large amounts of sulfur gasses. These gases contained chemicals that lead to health problems, like headaches and respiratory issues. It also corroded metals and wirings causing home appliances to fail permanently.

There are several symptoms which you should be looking for that are indicative of a problem with your drywall. When performing the inspection process, you need to look out for a strong smell. This is the most highly identified sign of the Chinese drywall. The smell of sulfur gases is very strong and it resembles the odor of rotten eggs.

There are also visual signs which you need to look out for when performing Chinese drywall inspection. You will notice some corrosion on the electrical wiring or plumbing systems in your home. Corrosion may also be visible on some of your personal items made from metals, like jewelry. An expert may also determine the presence of Chinese drywall by looking for certain markings on the back when performing the inspection.

After the inspection, the drywall needs to be tested. You need to contact a reputable inspector to give you conclusive details about the drywall. If, after testing is done, you find out that you have the Chinese drywall, you need to notify the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Chinese drywall inspection in Florida needs to be done by a reputable home inspector. The contractor will perform a visual inspection of the drywall as well as of the wiring or materials in your home. The drywall must be replaced completely once found.

JJ Staten Homes performs Chinese drywall inspections in Florida. If you suspect you have a drywall in your home.


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