Unless a home has been recently built or the outgoing owner has recently replaced the windows, a home’s windows are at risk of failing. The average lifespan of windows depends on the quality, materials, type, and style. For example, vinyl windows can last between twenty and forty years depending on the environment. Windows that are installed in hot, sunny, and humid climates will typically have shorter lifespans. The cost of Window Replacement in O’Fallon MO will depend on the number of windows, the desired type and style, and whether vendors are running any installation specials.


Windows that produce excess condensation and freeze on the inside during the winter months indicate the need for replacement. Areas of the home that face the sun for the majority of the day can also have windows that are deteriorating. Check the age or suspected age of the windows against average lifespans to determine if it is time to consider replacements. A homeowner can also look at average utility bills and consider how the home feels during extreme temperatures. Rising utility bills without an excessive increase in average thermostat setting or a substantial increase in rates could be an indicator of failing windows. Feeling drafts during the colder months could be an additional sign.


Although there are multiple companies that will perform Window Replacement in O’Fallon MO, it is recommended that homeowners get at least a few estimates. Home improvement stores and companies that specialize in the installation of replacement windows can help. Compare the quality ratings of the materials, how the company’s representative presents the benefits and features of the windows, the thoroughness of the estimate, the costs, available financing, energy efficiency ratings, and available rebates. If the home is part of a homeowner’s association, the owner will probably need to get approval before the vendor can proceed.

Replacing a home’s windows is considered a major improvement project. Proactive owners often want to replace older windows before they break down or upgrade to energy-efficient versions to help reduce utility bills. In the long run, the initial costs of the windows can be offset by an increase in the home’s resale value, tax or rebate savings, and lower utility costs. Contact A M Richards Glass Co. Inc for more information!

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