Divorce is hard on everyone involved. It is like running a piece of paper through a paper shredder. There are no winners. There are however, major losers, and that is the children. They have quite possibly come from a home situation where there was a lot of fighting and arguing. Maybe the tension between the parents was so great that they forgot that the children even existed. Children do not ask to be born, this is a decision the parents make, either deliberately or accidentally. In either case, there are now young lives that are caught in the middle of a battle they didn’t start and cannot solve. Sadly, the children often blame themselves, thinking that if only they had behaved a little better, maybe Mommy or Daddy would not be leaving. To be honest, neither parent can adequately deal with these issues, they need the assistance of professional help, like a Child Custody Attorney in Allentown.

The years of experience of lawyers Sigmon & Sigmon P.C create an impression on their firm, i.e. “Children are never used by our firm as leverage against the other party.” They have a great deal of respect for these precious young people, whether they be young children, or teens. They advocate for the child while assisting the parents through the process of divorce. Dealing with Child Custody Attorney in Allentown can create some complicated issues. Details of time and finances must be worked out. Who gets physical custody of the children. If it is to be a joint custody, how will that be worked out. Who will be paying child support. How will visitation be worked out so that it does not become a bargaining chip against the other parent. We never really hear this discussed much, but it is important, who will carry the insurance on the children.

Finally, the decision of child custody itself is decided by the judge. He/She will take into account some of these issues: what is the preference of the child if able to communicate that, which parent can best provide for the daily care of the child – physically and emotionally, is there a history of criminal or abusive behavior by either parent, especially against the child, is the child more fearful of one parent, and will the custodial parent obey the orders of visitation for the non custodial parent. The children must have the continuity of relationships!

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