Until a buyer is listed on the car title, they aren’t the rightful owner. However, as long as the owner has possession of the necessary documents, the transfer process should flow smoothly and will be completed within a matter of minutes. Here are a few steps to break down the process.

Go to a Title Transfer Center

There are a variety of entities that are legally able to carry out the car title transfer Chicago process, but that list varies from state to state. If a vehicle is purchased at a dealership, the title can often be transferred there, but if not, head down to the state’s transportation agency.

Collect a Few Essentials

Before entering the building, be sure to have the VIN number, certificate of title, odometer reading, and a valid driver’s license. Also, if there is a lien on the vehicle, it will need to be paid off, and the owner will be asked to present a release of lien document provided by the lienholder. If any of these things are missing, the clerk won’t be able to legally complete the car title transfer process.

Allow the Clerk to Take Care of the Rest

The clerk will determine if anything is invalid or out of place and will advise accordingly. But if everything presents well, they will complete the necessary paperwork and charge a fee that reflects the state’s requirements and the cost of the transfer itself.

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