Many businesses in Texas today have the need for trucks and whether you are a mover or haul cargo, you can benefit from checking out a trailer or used box truck for sale. But which decision is best? Let’s check out some of the options to give you a better idea of what to expect.


A trailer is perfect for the company with more than one need. For example, you can use a flatbed or one ton pickup truck to haul cargo and you also have the use of another type of truck whenever you need it. Simply disconnect the trailer and your truck is ready to go. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Cost – if you buy a trailer you are only paying for the trailer. On the other hand, when you look at a used box truck for sale in Texas, you will be purchasing an engine, transmission and many other components.
  • Limited upkeep – with trailers there is little to keep up except tires and a few components.
  • Multiple uses – if you haul cargo part-time, a trailer could be your best option.


  • Maneuvering – not everyone can backup a trailer easily, especially up to a dock.
  • Parking – since you have a much longer wheelbase, parking can be a problem.
  • Highway driving – trailers must be driven at lower speeds and require special care.


If you decide to look at a used box truck for sale in Texas, you will enjoy several benefits:

  • Easier to drive and maneuver
  • Parking is simple
  • No trailer to store separately


You need to make sure to choose a quality used box truck for sale in Texas. This means checking with reputable sources like truck dealerships. They can provide you with top quality trucks and service.

If you are interested in a used box truck for sale in Texas, come to your local Kyrish Truck Center. We offer top quality used trucks, service, new trucks and truck leasing options. Visit us on the Web now at for further details.

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