There are many reasons why your vision might not be ideal. Your vision works the same way as a camera does. The light hits your eye and is focused by the lens. It is then interpreted by cells in the eye and transmitted to the brain. If the cells in your eye are not acting in an efficient manner, there’s not much an eye doctor can do. However, if the problem is your eye lens, you might be a candidate for laser surgery. The surgery reshapes the lens of the eye so that it works more effectively.

Corrective Surgery

A corrective lens counteracts the insufficient focusing of your lens. Laser surgery in West Point, NE will do the same work, but to the actual lens of the eye. The surgeon removes a piece of the lens and reshapes it. The lens is then replaced on the eye and allowed to heal. Within a few days, your vision should be corrected.

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Who Is Eligible?

Not everyone is currently eligible for laser surgery. Your eligibility will depend on the source of the eye problems as well as the current state of your vision. If your eye problems are a result of a misshapen lens, they can be corrected with surgery. However, doctors usually require that your eyeglass prescription has not changed for a certain amount of time. They want to be sure your eyes are done changing before they do surgery on them. That will make sure they are not making the problem worse. Doing so will also reduce the likelihood that the surgery will be unsuccessful or temporarily successful.

You should ask a doctor about surgery and whether it is right for you. Click here for more information.

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