There are two kinds of people who need lobster tank installation: restaurant owners and lobster enthusiasts. There are many different places that you might install a lobster tank. Obviously, restaurants that serve lobster tend to keep lobsters in a tank on display. Doing so proves to the customers that the lobster is fresh, and it is also a cost-saver. It costs less to keep a lobster alive than it does to import lobster every day, so businesses will choose to keep a lobster tank. However, many people who own other types of businesses or just like lobsters might choose to get a lobster tank as well. One common place to see fish tanks is a dentist or a doctor’s office; essentially, you’ll see them anywhere that has a waiting room.

Waiting Room Decor

A waiting room is one of the most boring places you can find yourself. To offset that boredom, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and so on will install a fish tank. If you want to set your business apart, you should consider lobster tank installation in New York City.
Aquarius Aquariums can help you decide what type of tank you need and what type of options might be right for you. Lobster tanks are especially popular with children, which is something to keep in mind.

How Big?

The question of how big your tank should be is always important. To keep a lobster in the best possible shape, you need a lobster tank installation of at minimum twenty gallons. A twenty-gallon tank is about the smallest you can use to fit one lobster. If you are trying to keep more than one lobster, you will need to need to multiply the number of lobsters by twenty to get to the proper size of the tank, in gallons. A specialist who builds tanks and installs them can also help you determine what size of the tank is right for you.

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