Air Conditioning Repair in Corona, CA consists of services that ensure that your system will perform adequately throughout the summer season. These repair options include complete evaluations and inspections of you current system to ensure that all components are performing properly. These components include the thermostat, compressor, and fan. Services additionally include debris removal and monitoring of freon levels.

Why is Freon So Important?

Freon like oil in your car is the life blood of your air conditioning system. Without proper freon levels, your system cannot produce adequate levels of cool air in which to maintain comfortable temperatures. It is the gas that is necessary for maintain a specific temperature within your unit which is distributed through by the compressor and fan. Without freon, your system distributes air at exterior temperatures and continuously runs without reaching the designated temperature setting on the thermostat.

Air conditioning units are designed to maintain the temperature registering on the thermostat. When it fails to operate due to insufficient freon levels, it causes a significant increase in your electric bill and fails to cool your home. This is why you should consult a repair service at the first sign of issues.

Local Repair Service

Design Air-;Air Conditioning and Heating provides you with skilled technicians who are HVAC certified and understand how air conditioning units function. They are well-versed in system repair, maintenance, and installation. Theses technicians additionally provide services for heating systems and ensure that these systems perform well without common hazards. To schedule an appointment with this HVAC provider contact them at their local number of visit their website for further details.


Air conditioning repair services in Corona CA encompasses a plentiful selection of services. Technician who perform these services are required to participate in air conditioning and heating repair training program. It is through these programs that they acquire certification in HVAC services. They perform common repairs as well as routine maintenance such as monitoring freon levels in these systems. To learn more about what your preferred provider can do for you, visit their website or call their office to schedule an appointment.

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