An increasing number of businesses, large and small, are turning to personalized promotional items as a different marketing approach. While once these items were cheap looking and tacky, they are now available in a wide variety of styles, colors, price points, and uses. In additional, private citizens are using promotional items in a variety of ways. Here are some reasons why you should buy personalized pens to promote your business or event.

Easy Promotion

Recent studies have shown that 83% of people will remember the branding or information seen on a personalized promotional item, meaning that businesses who buy personalized pens as a giveaway option are likely to reach a wider audience, who will retain that information, better than traditional print, television, or radio advertising.

Individuals should also consider buying personalized pens to help promote their own events. Family reunions invitations sent out with a personalized pen also containing some of that information are a great way to ensure a larger attendance. After all, who can forget the date of something printed on an item he or she uses each and every day? Couples planning weddings should also consider personalized pens as something fun to include with a save the date card. This also helps guests remember the date of the wedding long after the save the date card has been tossed away.

Frequently Used

Everyone uses pens, and nearly everyone glances at the information or logo at least once while the item is in use. This helps keep your brand or event at the forefront of everyone’s minds, providing constant advertising with a low one-time fee to the business. Reaching a wide audience every single day with traditional advertising can get exceptionally costly, whereas businesses that buy personalized pens only need to spend the cash once.


Most people love receiving a free pen. They’re a fun giveaway and make consumers feel that their business is appreciated. The cost to the business is small, but the feeling it gives your consumers is almost priceless. Personalized pens are a tactile, tangible object, making them a fantastic addition to the standard, but a bit boring, business card.

Individuals who buy personalized pens to promote their events are also giving their guests something fun to takeaway, which makes guests feel that their attendance is welcomed and appreciated. It also helps keep your event in your guest’s mind, providing a reminder of the date beforehand and can help spark fantastic memories after the fact.

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