When people try to do their own pest control in Belvidere they often find that their attempts are either ineffective or that they don’t last very long. There are a few reasons that do-it-yourself pest control often can’t match that done by professionals like Pearson Plumbing & Heating and when they are kept in mind, it makes more sense to go ahead and hire those professionals. Here are some of these differences:

Product Differences

The pesticides sold at the local grocery or hardware store are weak. Sure, they could kill you if you drank enough of them, but compared to the ones used by professionals, they’re pretty soft. This is because consumers have no specific training, so the government mandates that mass-market products be highly mistake-proof. A licensed professional, on the other hand, is trained specifically in how to use all of the high-powered products. His license is evidence that he can handle some highly lethal materials without killing himself or his customers in the process, so he can order materials that aren’t legal for the corner store to sell.

Sometimes, you may see the word “professional” in a product name or even recognize one that seems to be the same brand that a professional used the last time he was out. Don’t be fooled. If you’re seeing it at a hardware or similar store, it’s the watered-down version. Think of it like prescription drugs vs. over-the-counter ones. Only very rarely are they the same strength, and if they are, chances are that neither works.

Experience and Education

This is the other essential difference between professional pest control in Belvidere and its DIY equivalent. The pros know exactly where to place baits so that the pests will actually eat the poison. Many pests, such as mice and roaches, will ignore bait if it isn’t put in a place that makes them feel safe to eat it. Professional exterminators know exactly where those places are. The average homeowner, on the other hand, will often put out poisons only to have the pests totally ignore them sometimes walking right by the bait station on the way to something else. It is possible for a homeowner to learn exactly how to do this aspect of the job, but it’s far easier and quicker to just call a professional and let them handle it.

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