Even though most people purchase their trade show exhibit booth, you do have another option. Most people are unaware that they can rent their booths, which can be cost-effective and offer other benefits. While each company will need to weigh out the pros and cons of both options, it could help you afford to go to more shows or be better for your needs.


A rental will always cost less than one that you purchase, so this is something to consider. Most companies prefer to buy their booths because they’ll use them often and want to have something always available. However, if you’re just starting out or like to change your booths with each show, renting could be a cost-effective alternative.


Tradeshows are all different and will appeal to different people. If you rent your display, you have the flexibility of choosing a particular option that will fit your need for that event. While it can be easy to change your displays with each event, some find it easier to rent what you need for that day.


Many times, these shows will overlap in different areas. You may have two excellent options, both on the same day, at the same time, in different locations. Renting allows you to rent more than one exhibit so you can make both shows. However, you can also buy a trade show booth and then rent another one if needed.


For those that are considering an upgrade, you may want to rent what you think you’ll want for one event. Then, if you like what you had, you can consider purchasing it for future events, or you can continue to rent the one you like.


For those that dislike installing and dismantling the display, renting is an excellent choice. Anyone who rents booths will have dismantling and installation included with the price. This means you have one (or two) less hassle during the event, allowing you to spend more time engaging others.


Many times, companies purchase their display, only to find that it’s difficult to store it until the next time. If you don’t want the hassle of storing it, you can always rent each time, which will take up less space in your office and allow for more room to do other things.

A trade show exhibit booth can be rented and still offer you all the benefits of a purchased one, but can sometimes provide more benefits.

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