Hiring chartered aircraft escort services comes with a lot of advantages. If you’re thinking about hiring one, here are a few things you’ll want to know:

Normal airport assistance

Senior travelers often receive help and assistance when they go through security, boarding and deboarding, says the Huffington Post. However, this might not be enough if your loved ones suffer from medical conditions or are just recovering from surgery or a medical procedure. That’s why hiring a medical escort matters.

How medical escorts help

These medical escorts have the training and skills to look after your loved one’s needs. They’ll make sure your loved ones don’t miss a dose of their medication. They will look after your loved one’s safety during the flight to deter possible thieves who prey on the elderly. If the patient’s wounds need to be dressed or treated in-flight, the medical escort will know how to do it right and with an eye towards safety precautions to ensure zero infection. An escort can also offer support for mobility-challenged patients.

Other ways hiring a medical escort counts

Aside from the practical benefits of hiring a medical escort, there are also a lot of handy side-benefits. First is the companionship. While their bones and muscles feel feeble and weak, elderly traveler’s minds can be as sharp as ever and having someone to talk to during the flight can ease their anxiety, fear or stress. In many cases in which family is present, having a nurse helps tone down the friction that can arise between family members during a difficult transport. A good benefit to hiring chartered aircraft escort services, though, is that it’s faster and offers better privacy for families and patients.

Where to get help?

There are plenty of companies you can check out online for these services. Make a list, determine what you need and go from there. You could also try asking friends and family for referrals and tips. Flying Nurses International would be glad to offer the medical staff for your chartered flight needs.

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