Whether you are worried about an elderly relative who lives far away, or you need help caring for one who is close, assisted living professionals can help. However, when deciding on Assisted Living Camp hill PA families often want to avoid nursing homes. For many, the answer is at home care, provided by professionals such as Visiting Angels. These compassionate helpers offer services that include:

RESPITE CARE: If you have decided to care for a family member, you know how exhausting it can be, and you need a way to care for yourself as well. In situations where you only need occasional help with families assisted living Camp hill PA, professional caregivers can work with your schedule, to provide respite care. This allows you to run errands, keep your appointments, and go on vacation, among other things.

MEMORY CARE: You may have an elderly relative who is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Trained non-medical staff can tend to your loved one’s daily needs, ensure that they take their medications, and provide updates on their health and needs. By choosing this type of Assisted Living Camp hill PA families are able to give patients their independence for as long as possible.

DAILY LIVING: Professionals can work with you, to set up a schedule and list of services for relatives who just need help with daily living. Staff members can run errands, do shopping, provide light housekeeping, and help with meal preparation and personal needs. They will coordinate your relative’s care and needs with you. You or your relative can even choose their own caregiver.

SERIOUS ILLNESS: Some people are more comfortable and secure living at home, even if they are very sick. In these cases, you can arrange live-in, 24-hour care for them. Professionals will work with you, to tailor a plan to a patient’s needs. They will also communicate with you, so you always understand your relative’s condition.

Many elderly or seriously ill people do much better when they live at home. Even though they may need care that you cannot provide, you can still help them stay at home and be independent, by providing assisted living home care services.

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