The choice of injection molding is essential for parts and components in many industries. The process that involves the rapid injection of liquid plastic into a precision mold is able to produce parts to extremely high tolerances without the need for any secondary processing or fabrication steps.

In general, medical injection molding is seen as the ideal option for producing equipment and medical components that can be of a variety of shapes, sizes, and levels of complexity. The molding process means no seams or joints, which is beneficial to maintain the equipment and to prevent the areas where bacteria and contaminants can collect on the surface.

The choice of producing parts by medical injection molding is also very cost effective for the OEM. There is an initial cost in setting up the process and designing and manufacturing the molds, but this is quickly offset with the high production levels and the long life cycles of today’s molds.

The Experience of the Injection Mold Company

There is one essential consideration for an OEM to ensure the benefits mentioned above are possible with ideal medical injection molding. This consideration is the experience of the molding service, specifically in the medical device production sector.

For many types of parts, injection molding for medical parts is completed in a clean room. Plastic injection molding companies must maintain the clean room, including training staff on clean room procedures, to ensure all items produced and packaged are maintained to the specifications required by the industry. Unfortunately, when this experience is not in place, mistakes can be made the can damage the reputation of the OEM and increase the risk of legal liability.

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