India is fast developing and is experiencing a sudden boost to its IT industry with the advancement of infrastructure. This factor has attracted mass attention from investors not only in the domestic sectors but in the international market as well.

Ahmedabad, the business hub of Gujarat, has emerged as a leading smart city in the country. The Ahmedabad city is giving a healthy competition to the other early developed smart cities in India like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai. A surge in the employment opportunities and the rich cultural heritage has attracted a large number of people from across the country to Ahmedabad. The city has a massive scope of development owing to the improvement in the infrastructure, technology, health care, and IT sector.

As like any other sector, the real estate sector is also gaining rapid growth in Ahmedabad. High market rates for property and the increasing number of residential projects in Ahmedabad are a clear sign of the flourishing business of real estate in Ahmedabad. The city has almost everything to offer from small residential apartments to big luxurious bungalows. So one could find the perfect project to invest in.

One can find that both commercial real estate property, as well as residential projects in Ahmedabad, are blooming. The reason behind this growth is the expanse of opportunities which has led Ahmedabad to become the trading or corporate hub of various new corporate companies. Many developed business organisations are setting up their base in this city. In recent years the city has seen a significant rise in the number of commercial projects.

The investor driven real estate in Ahmedabad has turned into an end-user driven market. The metro rail, development of SEZ, Gift City, etc. are the primary real estate growth drivers in Ahmedabad. The locations in east, north, and south are available at around 50 lakhs. Some of the developing areas in Ahmedabad include Sardar Patel ring road, SG highway, Prahlad Nagar and Sanathal. So whether you are looking for a business premise or a dream home, investing in the real estate in Ahmedabad would be the right option.

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